Council Family Activities

Since its beginnings, the Knights of Columbus has always stood ready to help protect the widows and orphans of its members.

Knights believe that families are the foundation of society and the core of the Knights of Columbus. With this in mind, Bel Air Council regularly sponsor’s activities that allow families to spend time together in volunteer activities, faith initiatives and social events.

Family of the Month:  The structure of the family is built on strength, faith and love. Strength comes from a bond of togetherness, experience and respect for one another. Families build a strong foundation of faith as they pray, attend Mass and spend time together. Every month Bel Air Council honor’s a family within its membership.

Fathers for Good:  What does it mean to be a father today, in a culture that sends very mixed messages about manhood? As the role of fathers has been increasingly denigrated in popular culture, the vital importance of fathers has become clearer than ever. For example, children growing up without their father in the home are twice as likely to drop out of school, whereas half of all children with highly involved fathers in two-parent families report getting mostly high marks through 12th grade. In addition, kids in single-parent homes report higher rates of drinking, smoking, drug use, delinquency, aggression, early sexual experience and a host of other negative behaviors.

Clearly, now is the time for fathers to take a strong and active role in their families, yet many men suffer from a lack of direction and identity. They may have been put off by radical feminism or witnessed the divorce of their own parents, leaving them without a strong father figure and fearful of commitment. Or they may simply be unsure of how masculine virtues — and the instinct to protect and provide — play out in a modern, technological world.

Whatever the problem, help is available on a new Knights of Columbus Web site designed for men to live out a fulfilling fatherhood. Fathers for Good ( addresses the questions that are central to a man’s life: faith, family, finances, the economy, the domestic church, teens and sex, love and marriage, grace and God. All of these topics and more are covered on the site in a contemporary, yet decidedly Catholic, manner.