Insurance Q & A

Do I need life insurance?
Yes, the chances are you do need life insurance, whether it’s for paying funeral expenses, replacing income, providing money for your child’s education, protecting your home or many other reasons. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know the value of a life insurance policy and go without any or adequate coverage. Check out our life insurance calculator to see where you stand.

Is the Knights of Columbus financially strong?
Yes. There is simply no more highly rated life insurer in North America than the Knights of Columbus. As of December 31, 2013, the Knights of Columbus has earned A.M. Best’s highest rating for financial strength (A++, Superior) for 38 consecutive years. And, our margin of safety is among the best in the industry.

What exactly are dividends?
Dividends are the divisible surplus the Order has left over after paying expenses and setting aside the necessary amounts to assure that future benefits are fully funded. Dividends develop from favorable experience, such as people living longer than expected or from interest earnings higher than those guaranteed in their policy. Remember, the payment of dividends cannot be guaranteed.

If I have questions about my insurance policy, or have an interest in learning more about the products the Order offers, whom should I ask?
Your professional Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent can answer any questions you may have. Even if you are not currently a policyholder, a field agent, who is also a brother Knight is available to meet with you at your convenience and discuss the needs of you and your family. For more information the best person to speak with is the top-ranked professional insurance field agent and  fellow Knight Ed O’Keefe.

U.S. residents who would like additional information concerning life insurance, long-term care insurance or annuities, may wish to view the Web site of the American Council of Life Insurers.